"Sareika overcomes every challenge impressively, setting the tone for the entire set!" (Vieuxtemps Concertos)

"Iron fist in a velvet glove! Vineta Sareika has tamed the giant!"
Le Soir

"Vineta Sareika and Amandine Savary give us an admirable version of the Ravel Sonata - a great pureness of sound and an immense poetry."

"Vineta Sareika impresses with her strong personality - in the monumental first mouvement of the Concerto n°1 by Vieuxtemps as well as in the lyrism of the slow mouvement or the acrobatic passages of the final."

"Vineta Sareika is ready and mature to perform every musical style: refined elegance in the Viennese classics, dark intensity in the pages of the German Romanticism, rich expression, pureness and unpredictable changes of moods in french music, meteoric virtuosity in genre pieces, depth and delicacy in chamber music. Sometimes we would love to know which are the veines of dragon hiding in the heart of Vineta's bow - her playing is so tumultuous, powerful but in the same time calm and reassuring."
Latvian National Radio

"Here is an intense artist who doesn't leave you indifferent in any musical style. She has no equal in her way of showing every nuance of the piece with a deep and powerful expression - always full of contrasts and clarity."
Le Soir 

"In the beautiful Janacek Violin Sonata Vineta Sareika expresses herself with fire, spirit and naturalness, deploying a transcendental canto between smiles and tears in the central Ballada mouvement, a dark and dim atmosphere in the strange scherzo and a desire of an impossible search for light and peace in the Finale. An electrifying interpretation given in a fine complicity with the pianist Dana Protopopescu."
La Libre Belgique

"The latvian violinist Vineta Sareika gave a flamboyant creation of the piece by Claude Ledoux, very cleverly constructed and marked by the enthusiasm that characterizes this musician (long applause). The recital continued in the same atmosphere, intense and inspired, supported by the technical mastership and maturity of an artist able to approach any style of music. For every piece she creates a world, alternately charming, burlesque, funny, stormy, spiritual but in any case, deeply touching!"
La Libre Belgique "

A quivering and mobile playing, highlighted by an assured and elegant technique. Vineta shines!"
La Libre Belgique 

"The playing of Vineta Sareika was totaly free, elegant, rich in nuances, her sound - pure, aerial, powerful and precise. Her understanding of the phrase construction helps to create lines of great clarity and always takes the listener with her."
Mūzikas saule 

"Without any doubt, it's the performance of Vineta Sareika, the Latvian National Orchestra and maestro C. M. Chichon that moved us the most and made from this concert an Event!"

"The duo of V. Sareika and P. Donahoe has been particularly impressive - every nuance, every modulation was extremely thoughtful and convincing."

"The most virtuosic pages of the Khatchaturian Concerto as well as the perfectly constructed and dynamic cadenzas or the most lyrical and tender passages revealed the temperament of fire and vitality of Vineta Sareika and showed the wide range of nuances of her sound. She was helped by her Guarnerius, the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and maestro Andris Nelsons. No doubt, a new star is staring to shine in the sky of the art of violin playing."

"Sareika has found the right key for the Elgar Concerto - a very personal one, sensitive but also extremely strong and full of passion and temperament. In front of such a mature musical reflection, confidence and freedom, it's difficult to believe the violinist is only 22 years old."

"Vineta Sareika and Andris Nelsons have explored with conviction all the possibilities of this piece - their work was marked by a perfect understanding of the musical logic and a great emotional richness."
Kultūras forums 

"The playing of Vineta Sareika is inspired, virtuosic, marked by a great vitality and courage for original interpretations."